Yake & Associates, Inc., offers the knowledge and strategies that can put the right management in place, executives that understand their responsibility to the shareholders, creditors, employees and society at large, while ensuring the protection of retail boards, maximizing shareholder value and mitigating risk for all the equity participants.







Due Diligence Investigations: The risks that accompany today's major financing decisions are great, and the amount of money at stake is enormous. Failure to conduct adequate due diligence investigations beyond the accounting and financial statements can subject the financial services industry and/or the acquiring company to substantial loss, risk, and exposure to liability. We combine on-site visitations, psychological/behavioral interview techniques with forensic accounting and expert examinations / investigations with the best of the more traditional due diligence methodologies.


We offer two distinct and crucial types of due diligence services:

Pre-Transaction Intelligence/Analysis: In the fast-paced competitive marketplace, acquisition decision-makers have a crucial need and critical requirement for reliable information / intelligence, analysis, insight, and industry knowledge. They need timely information regarding the strengths, vulnerabilities, and risks concerning the companies they intend to acquire or invest in. Most importantly, they need to know how convoluted business practices can plague the acquired / target company, especially those that cause net operating losses, mysterious margin fluctuations and erosion of shareholder value.


Post-Transaction Analysis: Post-transaction analysis provides the business principals/partners, lenders, underwriters, or concerned equity participants with a “weather report” concerning adverse conditions inside the acquired company. Without accurate and timely intelligence investors fly-blind—unable to make the most informed business decisions possible to protect investment capital.


Post-transaction analysis needs to be performed at the conclusion of significant transactions to identify problems that were not apparent in the initial due diligence process. Problems will not often surface until immediately after an acquisition or significant transaction. It is essential that rapid identification and reaction to those sorts of issues are resolved by a close examination of business practices to resolve the sources of net operating loss, mysterious margin erosion and to safeguard investment capital.


Fraud, theft, and misappropriation of corporate assets are complex investigations. Our investigators have demonstrated proven results because of their industry knowledge, decades of diverse experience in the resolution of corporate crime, prevention of business risks and attention to detail.


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