We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us.


~ Samuel Johnson







The primary mission of Yake and Associates, Inc., is to assist and protect board of director members, institutional investors, pension fund managers, senior managers of troubled or expanding companies, investment bankers, lenders, creditors, and insurers analyze, identify, and mitigate risk in today's dangerous business climate. Additionally, our mission is to provide the business, accounting and legal communities with professional analysis and advice on complex financial, human resources and business matters as they relate to risk and integrity assurance.


Yake & Associates, Inc., is dedicated to combating the financial risks that exist in business today. As businesses and organizations attempt to compete and flourish, their risks escalate. Our firm is particularly focused on pervasive business practices that run contrary to the welfare of the investors and rob shareholders of value.


Our firm focused its attention on identifying the causes and nature of inventory manipulation and problems associated with inventory control and shrinkage in the retail industry. We were the first to label shrinkage as an obscure measurement that became a vehicle for abuse. We were also the first to link inventory manipulation to the inordinate number of retail business failures and a contributing factor to so many retail bankruptcies in the 1980s and 1990s.


Today's boards and senior managers—across industry boundaries—are taking greater interest in corporate governance. Successfully accomplishing that goal requires a close examination of crucial business controls within the corporations they are entrusted to manage. Boards and senior managers are challenged to assure integrity at every level of the business, from human resources to every day business practices and control processes. Risk is an inherent part of doing business in today's complex business environment. Market-shaping forces have converged to create an urgent need for the identification of risk and risk avoidance services. Yake & Associates, Inc., is committed to help companies and organizations deal with those issues through its unique service offerings.


Yake & Associates, Inc., is a solutions-based firm, specializing in providing senior management with real-time information about the companies they manage, or have financial stakes in. We provide our clients with the information they need to mitigate risks and to make sound business decisions in today's dangerous business environment. We provide the services they need to turn troubled companies around.


We believe the key to a well-run, fiscally sound, and profitable business is a full-service firm that offers a broad and fresh approach to risk. Specifically, we view business risks in the context of their relationship to change, opportunities, objectives and controls. We enable management with the ability to examine threats that are related not only to financial performance and control, but also to the organization's strategies, business objectives, and reputation. We offer our clients a different approach: a high-end professional service firm that blends sophisticated consulting strategies and investigative techniques focused on resolving sensitive corporate / financial issues. 



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